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Photo Story 7: Sunset

Sunset A few more hours Left for the town to sleep... Those at work have Taken the path homeward. Mothers ushered in their children. The cattle returned from grazing.. Raising behind them a Dark cloud of dust by their hooves.... That masked the trees at a distance. The sky turned blood red by the hot sun The thick red clouds formed.. A

Photo Story 6: Shadows and Thoughts

Shadows and Thoughts Seated here in solitude Makes me think Of many things...the days gone by.. The Monks spent their lives Meditating...leaving worldly pleasures behind... Now I sit to sort any differences That have risen or might rise in future.... Cos together are we to share in partnership, Life's best time in friendship. The silence amidst these walls Seems to convey

Photo Story 2: I Remember..!

I remember...! After every dive into the temple pond, Sounds of Joy echoed. Memories splash within. It was a time when the soul was full of life. I remember. It was my CHILDHOOD.   Author: KRISHNA MOHAN GORLE (KMG) Photographer, Head – Global Sales & Marketing @ Logictree IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Photography: KMG Clicks. KMG Clicks: