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MACRO IN THE MONSOON You may have come across those mesmerizing eyes of a jumping spider in prints or social media or those scary looking snake close ups or the sweet little frog pictures. These macro pictures may always have stunned you. Your photographer mind may desperately want to take pictures

Must Have Filters for Beginners

Must Have Filters for Beginners Lens Filters are used for different purposes. For example, it helps us to capture beautiful colors, avoid reflection or at times helps in protecting the lens. A lot of beginners make the mistake of thinking that we can avoid filters & manage the effect while post-processing


CROPPING - Perhaps the MOST USED Post Processing Tool in Digital Photography. Cropping is an easy yet important step to consider when editing photos. Every image editing program has a crop tool that lets you trim, or eliminate the edges of an image. Of course not every photo you take needs

The Unfinished Canvas

The Unfinished Canvas How to work around a white sky Many beginners send me images asking for feedback where the subject and background are perfect and in harmony. However, experts still do not regard these images highly. The spoilsport in all those images is a dull or white or overexposed sky. Have


FAMOUS QUOTES DECODED (Part – II) Today we will discuss some more famous quotes of legendary photographers. Memorize them as your success mantras for photography. If you missed part-I of this article, you can read it here. 4. “Photographers mistake the emotion they feel while taking the photo as a judgment that


FAMOUS QUOTES DECODED (Part - I) 1. “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” ~ Ansel Adams Pix: Ansel Adams [Source:] So, what is the difference between taking a photograph & making one? “Taking” a photograph means you just press the shutter button in auto mode & the camera does everything.

Macro Photography Tips

* Macro Photography Tips * Macro photography is one of the most interesting and popular forms of photography, it is an art of taking close up images that captures the details of tiny subjects, which tends to get missed by the naked eye. It is a broad genre and wonderful close