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ARAKU VALLEY Araku Valley is undoubtedly one of the most scenic regions Andhra Pradesh is blessed with. The beauty of the place is so mesmerizing, the more you go, the more you want to go. Following are some of my pictures from one of my trips to the valley. How to go:

Lath Mar Holi

Lath Mar Holi In Barsana & Nandgaon, Mathura District, Uttar Pradesh, India. HOLI ! How do you describe it? Colours, Fun, sweets?  There is something more than colours and fun that we need to recall history about it. Mathura is considered to be culture hub of Holi Festival where thousands of people congregate


VALPARAI  -  THE SEVENTH HEAVEN South India is known  for its mesmerizing hill stations like Ooty, Munnar, Coorg to name some, apart from these ,there is a lesser know but  breathtakingly beautiful hill station VALPARAI in the Anamalai region of western ghats. Valparai is a hill station in the Coimbatore district of

Deoria Taal – An unexplored piece of Heaven

Deoria Taal - An unexplored piece of Heaven “The mother is weightier than the earth; the father is higher than the heaven; the mind is fleeter than the wind; and our thoughts are more numerous than grass.” As Yudhistira, the Pandu King answered these, the Yaksha gave him permission to drink from