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Dheeraj Kolla


Hello everyone.
I’m Dheeraj from Hyderabad, an engineering student in AVNIET College.

A year ago, I had this deep urge of giving wings to my thoughts. I tried hard to give a tangible image that reflects the exact thought process that goes in my mind. No sooner have I put in my efforts into figuring the answer out, Pencil carving showed me the way forward. That’s when I realized that this is going to be my thing. I’ll say it the clichéd way now, it turned out to be my passion. It is the one which makes me happy, complete and has the power to quench the thirst of my soul.


I have set out on the path and fortunately, I have carved a niche for myself. I could successfully give images to hundreds of thoughts wavering in my head. In this one-year journey, I have received quite a few orders wherein I carved around 100+ names, many modules on pencil lids and the rest being theme carvings. Furthermore, I had attended as a guest for a few events like, The August Fest 2K16, Impact Fest 2K17, Checker Board Hyderabad, The TeckFesk 2K16 etc. I took part in a couple of social activities too. Met celebrities in a few media shows, entertainment shows and radio channel’s programmes and presented those tokens of remembrance.




I love to be unique. I wish to stand out among the crowd around me. So far in my journey, I believe that I have been succeeding. I am planning to turn this passion of mine into a means of livelihood for me. To accomplish that, I need everyone’s support and blessings- to spread love through my art.

If you want to keep in touch, please join me on Facebook @Dheeraj Artitude
on Instagram : Dheeraj ARTtitude

With Love & Passion

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