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Magunta Dayakar, a self taught art genius from Hyderabad. Master of Abstract Realism. He shot to fame as an acclaimed portrait painter. He is also known internationally for his Landscape Paintings, Light and Color paintings and Black, White & Red series. He claims, however never to consciously think of style. He believes style evolves on its own when the artist works continuously with dedication. Besides he wrote several novels in Telugu and books on art.

He is here to share his expertise and experience with us.

When did you begin your painting and other art work? How did it all start? Also please tell us about your area of specialization. 

It started during my college days. I got bored in one of my classes and to kill the time I started drawing a picture vaguely from one of my note book covers. Surprisingly … it came out well. It was the moment, when my journey towards becoming an artist started.

I have no specialisation. I don’t think of it also. Just I try to do best whatever I am doing at that moment. We human beings have to evolve continuously. If we stick to one specialisation our growth will be limited to that area only. That is the reason I never thought about any specialisation.

Did you go through any formal training to learn this art?
No. It has always been self taught. I have learnt everything from reading to studying from great master’s works and teachings. Of course, it involves a lot of practice.

There is uniqueness observed in your artwork, in most of it, there is a red area painted, can you tell us about its significance.
Uniqueness! I don’t think of it seperately. Always I put lot of struggle to capture the image on canvas what I am trying to see through my painter’s eye. People feel, it’s unique. I love their appreciation. At the end of the day every artist deserves that. It’s a fact.

Coming to the red … That small bit of red colour will counter balance the entire greys of the picture space. This counter balance makes entire grey colourful even though just they are greys. Besides it adds energy.

You have created a different trend in this field of art through your work, how are these ideas developed in your mind?

Is it different trend!? I really have no clue. It’s a journey of mine. Many things will pass by in that journey. These Black, White and Red paintings are one of those experiences in that journey. Tomorrow some new experience may come. It’s evolving continuously. When we stop to evolve in that moment would lose that moment. Moment is the energy. Energy is life. If there is no energy … No life. It’s nothing but
dying slowly. That’s why I strongly believe that none should try not to live on their past laurels.

Which are the two personal favourite paintings in your collection, can you write about the emotions that you had experienced while creating this artwork.

Honestly, when I work on my canvas every painting would be my favourite. Once I finish it, I don’t find find anything so special right then. When people praise the work, I wonder what makes that particular painting so great. Believe me, this is the way I work. I never get satisfied with what I have been doing. Always, I feel like being at the bottom of the mountain. There is always a question haunting me… when I will be able to climb the peak of that mountain. I don’t have any beliefs on god and demon. If there is a god I pray him to give me enough time to reach the top of that mountain.

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What is one special painting work that you want to do in future? Why do you want to create the specific art piece?
To an artist or any creative person every moment is special; every work is unique. This line of thinking is required to survive in artistic journey.

What are your best creative hours during the day? Do you paint every day or does it depend on certain factors?
Sometimes I paint every day; sometimes I won’t. No particular hours. I do it when I feel like. I don’t believe in mood swings. When you have to work you should. I believe in this kind of attitude. Creative instinct should be a second skin to any artist.

What are your goals/aspirations related to this field of art?
Since the day I started to learn art, I have only one dream – to be one among the all-time great people. For that I have been living and striving my way.

What is your advice to the amateurs/beginners in this field?
Be truthful to your work. Never stop learning.

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Special thanks to Magunta Dayakar Garu for sharing your experiences with us.

With Love & Passion
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