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Prasad Natarajan, from Bangalore is a professional artist who specializes in wildlife art. He is a self-taught artist who works at his studio in Bangalore at Mango Groove Art Studios. Besides art, he is a blogger, nature poet, wildlife photographer and nature lover by heart. He is here to share his expertise and experience with us.

Grey Heron_Prasad Natarajan

When did you start your painting/sketch work? What inspired you to get into it?
When I was about five to six years old, used to pull out flakes of paint from the wall and tell my mother there’s a goat, cow, cat or dog. That’s when my parents recognized my interest in art and got me poster colors. So from then on I’ve been making artworks, used to copy bird images from library books initially. I then tried my hand on Plein air paintings, studied master artists works however after visiting few art shows on nature and wildlife in 2011. I started with nature related pencils drawings and slowly progressed to watercolors/acrylics. Nature inspires me to paint and draw.

What kinds of paintings/sketch work do you like doing?
My style of work is realism, which portraits nature in her true form.

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How did you learn this art? Do you have a Mentor?
Most of the artist I met, interacted and who inspired me are/were working on realism. Hence that got to me as well. There are many mentors in my life, my first primary school art teacher taught me to draw cats, dogs and mouse. My high school teachers encouraged me to take part in inter school art competitions. After I was introduced to internet, I’ve been interacting with many international wildlife artists and seek their help and advice.

Who/what has been the biggest inspiration?
My parents are my biggest inspiration; I owe it to my late mother for inspiring me to follow my dreams. And my father who is still my pillar of support.

Who is/are your favorite artists?
Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders, Pip McGarry, Paschalis Dougalis, Jack Muir Laws, Meena Subramaniam, Chirag Thumbar, Thomas Kallarackal, , Miguel Angel Moraleda Santacruz, Erik Van Ommen, Greg Beecham, David Cowdry, Jan Martin McGuire and Carel Brest van Kempen. The list is too long though!

What is your goal? What are your future plans?
I would want to continue working on Indian wildlife art and concrete more on lesser known species. I don’t plan for the future and take every day as it comes.

Purple Rumped Sunbird_Prasad Natarajan

Thank you Prasad Natarajan for sharing your experiences.

With Love & Passion

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