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Interview with Aeyaz Hasn

Interview with Aeyaz Hasn


Aeyaz Hasn, an aspiring filmmaker from Dubai, UAE has made a soulful film on the life of Varanasi. It is his personal project shot, edited and directed by himself during the Photo-walk Dubai & APF workshop to Varanasi. This film has become viral on social media and is appreciated all over the world. He is here with us to share his amazing technical experiences on shooting this film.

Tell us about your life experiences being in passion?
Knowing your passion in life gives you something to build the rest of your life around. My passion was always to work in the creative industry. I’m into advertising and film industry from about 13 years.  It  feels awesome now. Doing something you love and getting paid for it is the best thing anyone can ask for. I can’t imagine myself doing a regular day job at a corporate office. In fact even after my graduation, I never searched for any job other than something in the creative industry.

Have you been trained in Film making and VFX?

Not really. I am a self taught artist when it comes to film making or animation or even VFX.

You have showed us a complete way of life of Varanasi in just 4 minutes. How do you relate Varanasi to your personal life?

Varanasi was a place I always wanted to visit. Have been hearing about this place from many many years. Now after being to Varanasi, honestly words can’t describe what I have seen while on this epic trip. Varanasi is the city of life. There are several things that I need mention when I talk about this trip. But the most important and something that nowhere else in India is you are in more direct frontal contact with death. And that has inspired me to make this film “Varanasi – Beyond Life” which connects life and death at a great canvas like Varanasi.

Please tell us about the Cinematography (including Camera & Equipment) and editing of this film?

In terms of shooting gear, I’m a hard core Sony user. I always use the easy and light weight Sony A7s, which has made my life so much easier. I can stick almost any lens to it; shoot from day to night without worrying about low light performance. Great for run-and-gun all with clear and sharp images. And shooting everything in log format gives great opportunities to colour grade the footage alike something coming out of bigger cameras.

Colors in all your films are subtle and enchanting. How important do you feel colors are in story telling?

Colors are really important in story telling. It is an integral part of film, and it has incredible power over how we perceive the film and the characters. It can be extremely powerful to set up a color palette and then break it when you want to draw attention to something. This is the technique I have used throughout the grading of “Varanasi – Beyond Life”. The color palette I wanted to stick with for this film was mostly on the warmer side. But wherever I wanted to break this, I have gone with a cooler look in between many shots. And this worked well with the story and the amount of foggy shots I had in the film.


Most surprising part in some of your films is characters directly look into the camera (breaking the fourth wall). How do you conceive this? Whatdoes this aesthetically convey?

Its Simple. I wanted the viewer to feel directly connected with them. The whole intension of this film apart from the story was I wanted the viewer to feel immerced and almost smell the streets of Banaras. So for this I thought characters looking into the camera was necessary.


What is your goal? What are your future plans?

I love doing travel films. Love doing stories that connects people with different places. So, future plans are definitely making more films like this. Films with great production quality and minimal crew/equipment is all what I’m looking for and I think that’s where the future of industry is.

Varanasi – Beyond Life:

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