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Please tell us how you have developed an interest in Photography?

My father is an artist and a small photographer in my village. So all of the bases in photography, I got from him. I have no idea about all of them but I love all forms of art. After my schooling, I got admitted into BFA painting in Government College of Fine Arts in Chennai. I took an active interest in photography since then. My master Arularasan sir and my seniors’ works pulled me into photography gradually. Every day, I kept learning new things and constantly improved. I always love to learn any art.


How did you start your career? What were the hurdles when you encountered in the beginning?

I started from small compact film camera which made me eager to learn about photography. Then on, I got my dad an old damaged unused PENTAX k1000 film SLR camera which I started it 16yrs back in 2001. Then I got great help from Dassanna (F-stop cameras, Chennai). He helped in film SLR equipment’ being installed beside constantly encouraging me to do best in photography. My biggest struggle was in the beginning when money was a hindrance to learn photography in film SLR since there was no internet too back then. I bought old photography magazines and learned from it very slowly. I have worked for nearly 6years in film SLR. I was keen on learning in any of the photography schools but financially couldn’t support it. Still, I was not ready to give up and started learning little things which I believe would prove me big in my art.


Why did you decide to become a fashion photographer? Have you been trained in Fashion Photography?

Actually, I don’t like my art to be confined to fashion photography. I love to do all forms of photography. It is an ocean to be explored and deep dived into. But I love to capture people beautifully in my frame. I don’t know how much I could achieve in it though. Fashion photography, itself is a beautiful place to put forth our inner dreams. Perhaps, that is what brought me into this.


Can you write about the camera gear and the lens that you use most for fashion photography?

I am using Canon 5D and medium format cameras (Phase One & Hassel Blad). I love most of the prime lenses and some zoom lenses too… for fashion shoots mostly am using 85mm, 50mm, 35mm and 70-200mm.


What kind of lighting do you prefer the most, Natural or studio lighting? Why?

I love both lights. For fashion, I love to use both in one. But we have to work most of the commercial shoots in the presence of studio lighting. So, most of the times, I try to create a natural light pattern using studio lights. I prefer both kinds of lights for fashion photography depending accordingly.

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When you’re working with a model, how important is communication during a shoot?

Communication is very important in it, with the help of that only we can bring our ideas and expressions from them. Basically, I am always being myself and would make them very comfortable. I can also understand their style and looks. It’s the only way to express our ideas and feelings. Later, it’s very easy for them to absorb what we want. Once we convey our ideas and feel clear, I’m sure miracles start happening while shooting. 

What are the challenges you face while clicking film stars for film posters?

While working with actors, timing is very important. We have to prepare everything very clearly before the shoot… I did several shoots close to 25 movies for posters and all of those stars made me very comfortable while working. I never felt any challenges in it. Majorly, once we make them believe in us, we can get beautiful output from them…it’s always interesting and thrilling to work with them and I loved it.


How do you get inspired? What are some of the things you do to get inspired to shoot?

I took inspiration from my master as I have said earlier. Surrealist painter Dali is my inspiration. I love to take dreamy kind of shots. I have been learning mostly from other great photographers’ works. I love to see creative work from where I can learn a lot.


What is your favourite photograph ever?

I can’t specify one. There were so many favourite photographs that I came across taken by other photographers. But if u asks one from my works, it is twin girl’s levitation shot. In that image, both are the same girl…it took me around a week to come to that idea of capture after I have got that visualisation in mind.


What are your suggestions for upcoming enthusiasts who want to become a fashion photographer?

Considering myself still an amateur in the field, I can say this to all those aspiring to plunge in – Before you decide to take fashion photography as your career, be ready to face initial hurdles and don’t give up. Currently, it’s very easy to start photography, you can easily get to learning sources from the internet world, but it takes a little time to achieve something unique. All we need is passion and love which would be enough towards the end.

 With Love & Passion

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