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Dr. Caesar Sengupta is a multi-talented artist, he is a renowned photographer and a painting artist, well known for his expressions in various forms of art. He is a truly multi-faceted personality who knows no boundaries in creativity. Smile Art Beats Magazine is glad to present the journey of this artist in Painting and Sketch work.

Can you write a few lines about yourself as a painting artist?
Sketching and painting were the first art forms that expressed my abstract imaginations as a structured output. I started drawing and painting when I was four. I could realize that I was able to represent my perception of shapes, sizes, perspectives, dimensions in the way I saw them. My painting drew attention of family and friends and that kept me motivated. I never went through any professional training course but just painted as my mind prompted as right. I don’t paint now a day. It consumes a lot of time and today it’s a rare commodity for me.


You are a well-known wildlife photographer, do you feel that your painting/sketch work has connection with photography. How do your emotions vary when you do painting work and shoot images of the wildlife and nature in field?
Sketching and painting certainly has deep connections with photography as an art form. Technically speaking one’s knowledge of dimensions and perspectives are vital for any artist. In my experience if I meet hundred photography artists, I find at least ninety of them had been good painters as well.

Though painting and photography are both very strong mediums of expressing imaginations, there is a difference. While making a painting, you not only pre visualize but also paintings give you enough time to capture your changing emotions as you paint through. In photography, you pre visualize, shoot and then process your images. Both works well if mastered but yes painting is certainly more dynamic.

Is there a specific genre in painting that you like the most? Which is your most preferred medium? Oil / acrylic / water colours.
When I started painting, water colour was my favourite medium. It’s a tough medium to work with, tougher that it looks like. I never had any professional training on painting and all that I learnt was from my failures. As I painted more and more, I started falling in love with the medium. Later I shifted to oil on canvas. My works post 1996 is mostly oil on canvas.

I could never paint abstracts. I have always preferred realism. My art always depicts my subjects naturally, as it is. However, I try to tell a story through my art. This is interpretative realism.

If you find time to do one more painting, what would you like to paint?
I would like to paint my childhood with a lot of colours. It was pretty bland.

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Can you write a few lines about the emotions and the thought process that ran on your mind while you were doing one of your personal favorite paintings, (which is shared with the magazine)
Yes I especially like the one which is named as “The Rat Race Loser”, oil on canvas. The painting shows an exhausted man sitting on the first step of a staircase. He is tired and appears to have lost all aspirations. An old man is standing right behind him, he can’t deny his presence. He is growing older. The old man has a huge wall clock in his hand and is about to crush it on his head reminding him that time and tide waits for none. This painting was immediately after my repeated failures to make it big in the industry of art and culture. I went back to my regular profession, found a job and entered the rat race. Things have changed today, that’s altogether a different story.

The Rat Race Loser

Special Thanks to Dr. Caeser Sengupta for sharing his experiences.

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