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Goutam Som is a marketing professional, an artist and a photographer by passion. He has been doing wildlife photography for the last 10 years. He is a wildlife photography expert and has good knowledge of biodiversity of Eastern India.

He is here to share his expertise and experience with us.

When did you start your photography? What inspired you to get into it?
I started my photography in 2008 when I got my first film camera as a birthday gift from my mother. Since childhood I would love to paint which turned to photography after I got the camera and later it became my passion.

Jumping Spider

How did you learn this art? Do you have a Mentor?
Initially, like most of us, I used to set the camera on auto mode and tried to take pictures, but it was not satisfactory. So I started to go through the internet for better understanding. This helped me a lot. Still something was missing. During this period I came to know about a workshop of Dr. Caesar Sengupta which I joined and learnt a lot from there. Even though I’m not officially mentored I learnt a lot from Dr. Caesar Sengupta.

What is your area of specialization? What got you interested in this genre?
I like to capture the wildlife and specifically love Macro Photography. Capturing the tiny insects in more than a life size frame is always exciting. These days, I have been trying to get them in the Wide Angle perspective.


What are your most enjoyable moments in Photography?
Watching animals in the wild itself is very enjoyable. Same spot – Same Species can give some different perspectives; one can always be amazed by their activities. So every time I go out with my camera, it is an enjoyable moment for me whether I get some shots or not.

What is one area in photography that you have not tried so far and that you wish to try in future?
I have not tried to get the life of human beings in my photographs. So I would like to explore the Street photography in future.

What is your goal? What are your future plans?
My goal is to explore wildlife photography as far as possible and create the awareness of conservation. If any of my photographs, can save an animal, it would be an achievement for me.

In future my plan is to organize workshops on wildlife photography and conservation. Also I want to try and learn how to earn from wildlife photography. This will attract a lot of people to wildlife photography and will create more awareness on conservation. 


Which is your favorite image in your collection, can you explain the connection that you feel towards this particular image.
There are many images which are close to my heart. It is always exciting to watch a Tiger in the wild. I saw my first tiger in Bandavgarh and was lucky to get a shot head on. This particular image is one of my favorite shots.

What is your advice to the upcoming photographers in your area of specialization?
It is very important to know about the subject in wildlife photography. So, I want the young photographers to know the subject before going out to shoot. It is also important to know the basics of photography. I have seen many photographers who are not getting their image right and blaming their equipment, it is not necessary that good equipment will get good pictures. Yes high end equipment have some advantages but before upgrading one must understand the limitations of his existing camera. Understanding the camera, figuring out its limitations and working accordingly will give good results.

Thank you Goutam Som for sharing your experiences with us.

With Love & Passion

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