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Moshe Dayan Bhupathi is a specialist in realistic watercolour paintings hailing from Chirala (Ksheerapuri), Andhra Pradesh. Being passionate for arts from childhood, he managed to learn painting on his own by exploring books and vast internet sources. He is now one of the finest artists in the city. His subjects mostly include landscapes, cityscapes and figurative elements. Presently he is living in Hyderabad. He is a true inspiration for any young artist who is budding in this field.

He is here with us to share his valuable life experiences.


When did you start your painting/sketch work? What inspired you to get into it?
My journey started long back in my childhood. I remember drawing on walls with crude brushes and paint made out of red soil. When I was in my fifth class, my father bought me a camel watercolour set and that changed my life forever. It was then that I began painting properly on paper but it was long after that I discovered the true magic of watercolours. The inspiration must have been innate but I remember having seen and awestruck by some street artists who used to draw gods and goddesses on roads and walls with chalk and charcoal. I used to think they were the most wonderful people around.

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How did you learn this art? Do you have a Mentor? Who has been the biggest inspiration?
My learning was gradual and natural. Throughout my schooling period I was preoccupied with my studies as all other children. But I never actually stopped drawing. Our art teacher in school, I. Ramarao garu taught me some fine basics. After that I had no access to any teacher or any formal training. So I had to depend almost entirely on books and internet for whatever lessons I learned in art. But I can say I came across some very great stuff on internet. As to my inspiration, what else can be a greater inspiration than life itself!

What are the hurdles you have faced in the journey of your passion?
I never really had to face many hurdles on the personal level. I never faced discouragements. May be I am fortunate. But it could also be because I did not do much professional work before. Now that I am a full time professional artist, I understand that the terrain is not that smooth. Notwithstanding our tall claims to cultural greatness, our country is suffering from acute cultural poverty and that fact is a great hurdle for any artist seriously pursuing his passion. We think that art is a pastime activity and a second rate profession that doesn’t require much intelligence and education and thus value it accordingly. For some reason the situation is even worse in telugu speaking states. Anyway the world is digitally integrated today and that is some ray of hope. We are now in a position to access greener pastures elsewhere.

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What is your area of specialization in Painting/Sketch work? What inspired you to do specialization in that stream?
I am now focused majorly on watercolours. I have been fascinated by this medium for a long time, fascinated by the magic in it. It is very tough and challenging to handle yet offers amazing results.

What were some of your most exciting and adventurous moments in your art life?
Creating a painting is a great adventure. Anybody who has ever even tried to make a picture would understand that I am not at all exaggerating. The process of making a picture is indeed trying to understand the mind of god, plunging into the soul of the universe.

What are your goals and future plans?
I don’t have many plans. I only want to paint better pictures than those I have done so far. I only want to bring out the stories waiting within me.

What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the amateurs who have begun their journey in this field?
With my little experience, I am certainly not qualified to give any wise advice but I can say a word or two from what I have seen and learned. Mediocrity is not a luxury that an artist can enjoy. So keep learning, keep going. Trust me; it is going to be a great journey.

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Would you like to share a few tips and lessons for the upcoming painting/sketch artists to learn and implement? (It could be from your area of specialization)
It may not be possible share tips here. But I can say internet holds a vast material for a serious aspirant in art. Pencils, pastels, watercolours, oils, charcoals… name any medium, and we have a good number of lessons and videos. You can learn so much from there. I have learned so much from there. Anyway experience is the best teacher. Practice, practice and practice!


Special Thanks to Moshe Dayan for sharing his experiences.

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