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Kuntala Roychoudhury Gallery

Kuntala Roychoudhury Gallery


Eternal beauty of Mother Nature captivates many of us and that inspires few of us express our love of nature in some artistic ways. From an early age Kuntala Roychoudhury was enchanted by the beauty of nature and this slowly inspired her to the step into the exciting world of photography. She is currently working as a guest faculty of department of law in Gauhati University after finishing LLM. In her own words photography is her first passion and second job. She believes that showcasing the beauty of nature using a camera is enjoyable to nature lovers.


Despite being a city girl, Kuntala was introduced to nature at a very young age. When she was a child, she was intrigued by butterflies, birds and even tiny insects living around her household. Along with time this love and interest transformed into love for nature photography. In the early days, Kuntala was using Mobile phone cameras to take photographs of interesting subjects. She was a law student back then and her parents supported her in getting an entry level DSLR, since then she has plunge into capturing the endless beauty of nature through her camera and she is not looking back.


Kuntala’s photographic journey took off without any formal training on camera. She became a member of Photography Club of Assam in 2012, where she was gracefully mentored by veteran photographer, Bidyasagar Baruah. Currently she uses a professional camera and undertakes various projects related to photography. She currently holds the Joint Secretary position of Photography Club of Assam. Apart from being an avid photographer, she also mentors photography workshops and fieldwork.


Kuntala’s love for nature has also influenced her work. Despite working on other genre of photography, she focuses on Macro Photography a lot. In her own words, Macro Photography reveals the unseen beauty of the tiny world those otherwise remains hidden to the normal eye. Along with Macro Photography, she works on Wildlife Photography, Wedding and Event Photography etc, professionally.


She participated in many national and international salons and circuits and got many acceptances; and recently earned an International Award named IUP Ribbon in Indian Golden Digital Circuit 2016 for one of her photographs. Apart from that she bagged some awards in State and National awards in photography competitions and also participated in various Exhibitions since 2012.

She would like keep her passion alive and continue to work on the field of photography to explore new horizon in the years to come. Working towards the improvement of “Photography Club of Assam” is her prime goal as it is the most significant platform for the photographers in North East India.

All the best to Kuntala Roychoudhury from SAB Magazine.

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