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You may have come across those mesmerizing eyes of a jumping spider in prints or social media or those scary looking snake close ups or the sweet little frog pictures. These macro pictures may always have stunned you. Your photographer mind may desperately want to take pictures like those, but you don’t know, where and when to look for them. Then my friend monsoon is the very right time to shooting macros. Monsoon in our country not only rejuvenate the plants but also blooms the insect and other small life forms. This is the breeding seasons for arthropods and herpetofauna. So friends, unpack your macro gears and jump into a fascinating world of small life forms.

You don’t have to go National parks or reserve forests for macro subjects; you can find them on your doorstep, at your lawn or the small garden of your apartment.

In this Monsoon you can find thousand of things suitable for macro photography around you. Right from the rain drops on a green leaf, a small flower on the lawn, a hopping frog, hornets and bees, little jumping spiders, even dragonfly or damselfly hovering around can be your subject of shooting macro.

A dedicated macro lens is ideal for shooting macro, but you can try these cheaper alternatives with your DSLR like, extension tube, reversal ring, close up filters, raynox dcr etc. Compact cameras with a macro mode can take very good macro photo. A flash comes handy to shoot macros. It supplies much needed light also freezes the movement of your subject to some extent. But don’t forget to use a diffuser on your flash to avoid harsh light. A tripod or gorilla pod is very useful to shot macros.

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As said earlier monsoon is the best season for shooting macros for these following reasons,
1. This is the breeding season for insects, frogs and snakes. So you can find plenty of them around you.
2. Rain makes mundane things attractive, drops of water on a flower or trapped on a cobweb makes wonderful macro subjects.
3. Rain washes dust away. Everything you find fresh and clean in this season.
4. Overcast sky makes soft uniform light throughout the day which is excellent for photography.
5. Weather stays soothing all day this time, not very hot or cold. Photography for prolonged time is easier this time.
6. You can shoot the reflection of your subject on the water.
7. You can shoot your subject enjoying the falling raindrops.
8. As it is the mating season you can made wonderful mating images.

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You probably don’t want to damage your gear exposing it to the rain water, so you should take following precautions before you out on a shoot in the monsoon,
1. Do not expose your gear to rain. Use rain cover all the time when it rains. If you do not have a rain cover you can use large plastic bags to protect your gears from the rain.
2. Wear rain coat or use large umbrella to protect yourself.
3. Use leach guard as it is the time for leaches too.
4. Wear full pants and full sleeve shirts to avoid skin irritation.
5. Use skin soothing lotion in case you made skin contact with caterpillar.
6. Take extra clothing with you.
7. This time humidity is on the peak, so drink plenty of glucose water to get rid of dehydration.
So this monsoon, get out of the room and make some awesome macro images. Stay safe and make this season unforgettable, cheers…!!!

ripanAbout the Author:
Ripan Biswasa Macro and Wildlife photographer based in a coochbehar a small place surrounded by nature in West Bengal. He has a keen interest in tiny life forms which normally remain unnoticed. His pictures are featured in leading publications like Sanctuary Asia many times. He has won several national and international awards in wildlife photography. He wants to spread awareness about wildlife and conservation through his photography and work.

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