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Hi all…!

Greetings from SAB Magazine. Thank you for the huge response given to the issue 8 of edition 2. We are successfully coming up with our issue 9 of edition 2 for this month. Special thanks to Saritha Dattatreya madam for spending her precious time and guiding us all through the issues.

Thank you for participating in our monthly contest. We are glad to announce the results of “Photo of the Month” contest conducted in March 2017. Congratulations to all the winners.

In this issue we have collected the life experiences of most talented artists and photographers. It is a great honor and privilege to publish the art works of renowned artist and blogger Deeba Rajpal. It is all filled with inspiration and passion. Hope our efforts will be very useful to upcoming aspiring artists.

I am always thankful to the great photographers Prof. Shivji Joshi and Udayan Sankar Pal who are contributing their valuable articles.

A special thanks to Content Editor Ratna.

Our soul and thoughts are always with arts and for arts.

All the images and contents displayed in this magazine are copyrighted and the respective owners are given credits. Please note that this mission is established to encourage the upcoming artists and photographers. This is to share the enormous talent and tutorials of professionals to the aspiring artists and photographers. No income is generated through this initiative. Please cooperate and lets take this mission to a higher level. Thank You.

Any issues and feedback regarding the magazine, can be mailed to us. We are also looking for sponsors who could help us take this mission to a higher level.

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With Love & Passion

Smile Art Beats.

Smile Art Beats
Beats of Artistic Hearts. A Magazine from Dinesh Dinu & SMILE ART Creations team, which recognizes the hidden talents in the field of Arts & Photography.

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