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Moni’kala’ – The girl blessed with multi-talents

HI evmonikaeryone !

I’m so extremely delighted to meet you through Smile Art Beats. I’m Monika from Vijayawada, AP. A Physiotherapist by profession and an artist by passion. I see myself as a self taught freelance artist.
Apart from taking care of my patients, I enjoy drawing pencil sketches, painting, quelling, singing, playing guitar and many more. At the end of a hectic day loaded with emotions and pain of patients in rehabilitation, my art soothes me. I have been passionate about drawing and painting since childhood, which also won me many prizes at school and college. Most of all it made me noticed…I believe art is something that is gifted by God. We doesn’t choose to create Art, It chose u. I feel so blessed to have these talents and with every art I draw I feel like holding hands with God.

The recognition as a talented artist has been so wonderful and that I keep practicing everyday to refine my skills. Its so exciting getting noticed by you all. Thanks to Smile Art Beats for showcasing my works to reach a much bigger audience.
Here are my arts. Hope u like my works, do share your views on what catches your eyes..!
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With Love & Passion
Smile Art Beats

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