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Interview with Aeyaz Hasn

Interview with Aeyaz Hasn Aeyaz Hasn, an aspiring filmmaker from Dubai, UAE has made a soulful film on the life of Varanasi. It is his personal project shot, edited and directed by himself during the Photo-walk Dubai & APF workshop to Varanasi. This film has become viral on social media and is appreciated all


INTERVIEW WITH TEJAS SONI Tejas Soni, from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is a painter, sculptor and a great renowned photographer. He has mastered in all forms of the painting and sketching techniques. It is no surprise that he is one of the most inspiring personalities for many amateur artists and photographers. He


INTERVIEW WITH SIMI JOIS Simi Jois, a self taught Indian artist living in US, is an excellent cook and food photographer by passion. She has gained an extensive knowledge in food styling and lifestyle photography in a very less time. She calls her art "Culinary Optics" because it ties together both her passion for cooking and photography.


INTERVIEW WITH DIGANT C. DESAI DIGANT DESAI is one of the most talented and best marine photographers of our generation. He has won international and national awards. His underwater photography work is considered exemplary and it inspires the photographers to venture into a less explored world. We are honored to have Mr.

Malabar Pied Hornbill by Sarang Bhand

Malabar Pied Hornbill by Sarang Bhand About this image: There’s often an untold story behind every image and this one has it’s too. This image of a Malabar Pied Hornbill (Anthracoceros coronatus) was taken at Dandeli in Karnataka. We were trying to shoot images of coppersmith barbets on a fruiting tree and this bird

Soumabrata Moulick’s Gallery

Soumabrata Moulick's Gallery Soumabrata Moulick is a passionate wildlife photographer and nature enthusiast. He developed a keen interest in nature from an early age and started documenting nature and wildlife after buying his first DSLR in 2010. Primarily interested in behavioral and conservation photography, he believes that knowledge should be shared

Interview with Amol Bais

INTERVIEW WITH AMOL BAIS Head Master by profession and photographer by passion, Amol Bais from Chandrapur has achieved a global appreciation for his new tigress and cub image. This image was recently made into a stamp and was released on World Tiger Day by the Government of India. He is also


See The World Through My Eyes INTERVIEW WITH VINAY SWAROOP BALLA Vinay Swaroop Balla, from Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, is an Optometrist by profession and photographer by passion. In a short time he excelled in photography on his own and won several awards too. He has launched an Annual Fund Raising campaign in


INTERVIEW WITH DR. CAESAR SENGUPTA Dr. Caesar Sengupta is a multi-talented artist, he is a renowned photographer and a painting artist, well known for his expressions in various forms of art. He is a truly multi-faceted personality who knows no boundaries in creativity. Smile Art Beats Magazine is glad to present


MACRO IN THE MONSOON You may have come across those mesmerizing eyes of a jumping spider in prints or social media or those scary looking snake close ups or the sweet little frog pictures. These macro pictures may always have stunned you. Your photographer mind may desperately want to take pictures